Friday, February 5, 2010

Unexpected continues.....

okk....after an unexpected birthday comes another! This week comes with set of situations/circumstances/activities which i never thought of... guys... m living a strangest dream of my life...never thought of it a week before or when i was writing the last blog...pheww!!! LIFE is soo full of unexpectations...i agree!!

Got a call from my prof. and he asked me to become a part of a media committee for an ongoing fest in my univ...never thought i would be doing it....instead had other plans like will go for Rann, will visit World Book Fair, will attend papa's office, will be studying, will  finish reading pending reads, will spend quality time with mumma etc etc....plans never end... BUT now m attending a four day fest and writing press releases...wierd but impressive!

More an e-mail today scheduling my next week...again UNEXPECTED!! How everything happens on its don't have to don't have to think....just act the way life sets the stage for you...and make sure you set the stage on fire!!

Lets see where my fire leads if i perform well (will let you know later)....things will get scheduled for another 7-8 months...looong time!! Must say a thrilling start of 2010...where i end up on next birthday one knows!!

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