Monday, February 1, 2010


26th January - Happy birthday to meee......happy birthday to mee....lunch at at Waves - 3 Idiots. 27th January - Bunk from college... saw puppet show "Bollywood Bandwagon"...31st January - saw Rashoman (Japenese movie made in 1950), 1st February - missed college..lunch with mumma at Bikaner and movie at Waves - Ishqiya.....that what is called a birthday week.. an extended party....awosme...just loved every bit of it.  

It was not planned, not scheduled but still everything fell into place. Sometimes it happens that you plan things, think about them, think about the consequences..but still everything gets messed up. Why? Why it so happens that things suddenly happens, situations and circumstances turn in/out your favour and you act according to them... WHY??... i have no answer for it!

But yeah m quite convinced with the phrases like "What has to happen will happen", "Jo hota hai achee ke loye hota hai", "Everything has a set time" etc etc... when i was in college i used to think otherwise when elders used such phrases to conclude the conversations on any happenings (positive or negative)... but now i realise this is so TRUE..... if not true but one has to believe it to move on in life .. as they say!

I find it strange that now i also preach same things to anyone and everyone who is not feeling very good about his/her life, or is pis*d off with something, or is not happy with the way things are taking shape...i preach and my friends tease me  "you are a teacher...why don't you become a teacher"... i smile and conversation ends...from their side (obviously ;-)).. not mine....i speak preach and convince them that what m saying is CORRECT (i know girls always do that...and it cannot change...don't try just accept it coz this is a universal TRUTH!)

But somewhere in our hearts we all know and accept that what has to happen happens... you cannot change have to accept deal you like it or want it or not!....things have happened...better accept it than to sit and cry over it. My masi's words come to my mind when she scolds my little brother when he refuses to go to school or make some bahanas ..."chahe has ke jao yaa ro ke tto jaana padega" simply she explains this TRUTH of life to him...and i bet he will never forget it but will repeat the same lines to his kids. 

At this moment when m writing this blog...i have in mind that tomorrow i have to go to college..till now this is the PLAN. But what is stored in future..I DoN'T KNOW...actually no one knows....and everyone knows that they don't know..but still we PLAN PLAN and PLAN. This is what our grandparents did for our parents and our parents are doing for us..and m sure we will also plan for generation to come...this is one can change much Rancho preach about living in cannot be changed and this is the ultimate TRUTH...we know it but hide from it!
Ok...i know after reading through this will be me so do iam...anyone who can decode the code and let me know the TRUTH! ;-)

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