Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nostalgia....cartoons and TV shows of growing years

Shrimaan Shrimati


The Little Mermaid

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

India Vs Pakistan.......Goosebumps over goosebumps

Finally the WEDNESDAY has come which every cricket fan was waiting anxiously. As the clock is ticking m feeling butterflies in my stomach, head, legs, short all over my body. M tensed, excited, nervous, worried, happy and enthralled at the same time. Wat will happen today? Which part of the LOC will be celebrating....with which feeling ill go to sleep tonight? SIGH!! ... these thoughts are not allowing me to concentrate anywhere :p

Its the biggest match of the world cup 2011 today....oh my god....India vs Pakistan in semis..aaouchhh....the only mention of such a heart rendering contest is giving me shrill thrill. It is the biggest day in life of every Indian and Pakistani....god i wish i could see the match live in the stadium....BUT does my heart allow me? M hip-hopping around the house, biting nails and listening to craziest of songs....when i have to watch it on TV...what will happen to me when it will be LIVE.... 

Most of my friends are watching the match on big screens either in sports bars or cinema halls....i like the idea...i want to be a part of this insane craziness..but what if we lose? Risk of seeing my men in blue losing on big screen is heart breaking :( ....but i believe we will win the game...hopefully, touch wood...i want this to happen from all my everyone m a cricket crazy fan...fanatic actually.

So my guys...this is the d-day....perfect treat for all fans out dere...and i wish to see healthy cricket...fights in between....some abuses...and dose mandatory fights between Afridi and Gambhir are allowed..and also Shoaib Akhtar with his over the top aggressiveness will be fun to watch(after all its one of the last matches for him) ... i won't mind...little tension is allowed...but please don't let it come to ball per run stage....i get freeeze in those situations...blood comes to my mouth and i almost die...god knows what will happen today....but m all geared to see it, face it and enjoy it!

Dhoni and company...DE GHOOMAA KEEEE.....

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You know you had an awesome trip with friends when.....

You think about THAT trip about 4-5 times a day

You just can't stop from checking the pics whenever you open PC

You start realizing non-trippers are getting uncomfortable of newly developed bondings and equations 

You check for friends albums/updates/comments about THAT trip.... whenever you log on to Facebook

You just want to talk about the trip and fun you had with fellow colleagues/family

You desperately want those days to come back 

You want to meet those friends again and again

You want them to know how close they have come to you

You start liking that temporary life over your permanent one

You smile alone when happy thoughts come to your mind

You are still under the hangover even after 2 weeks.........

Was on trip with friends to Jim Corbett and Nainital for 5 days....the fun i had there is unmatchable. Love you guys for making those days so so special for me.

With loads of love,
Dedicated to all my MMC rockstars!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sanskriti Express to commemorate 150th birth anniversary of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore

Celebrating the 150th birth anniversary go Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, Northern Railway is organizing “Sanskritik Sandhya” on March 26, 2011 at National Rail Museum, Chanaykyapuri. The event is organized in the memory of father of Indian Literature on his birth anniversary.

Sanskriti Express, a special exhibition train will showcase the life, philosophy, poetry and painting of Gurudev. India’s first noble laureate in literature, is the figure who gave national anthems to two countries of the Indian subcontinent. Entry to the event will be by invitation only.

He holds a high place in the lobbies of Indian literature. His plays and poetries are the eye-openers for society of British India. His love for language and using it for the development of society is evident from the fact that beside of his upbringing in the rich and affluent family of Bengal, he could write on various subjects troubling the Indian society at that time.  

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Delhi’s 1st Itra & Sugandhi Mela beckons today

Delhi’s first “Itra & Sugandhi Mela”, started today at Dilli Haat, Pitampura. One of its kinds, the event was inaugurated by Hon’ble chief Minister of Delhi, Smt. Shiela Dixit. Delhi tourism, is organizing the event in collaboration with Fragrance & Flavor Development Centre, Kannauj and Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises from 25th-27th March, 2011 at Dilli Haat, Pitampura, New Delhi.

The three day event will focus on lectures & presentations on Aroma therapy, Itra & Sugandhi (perfumes), live demonstrations of rose water distillation and art of agarbatti and dhoopbatti making. Other interesting activities will include quiz contests on Itra/Fragrance, competition of Itra, Sugandhi wooden boxes & velvet boxes, used for Itra & Sugandhi and presentation of perfumes in traditional bottles.

There will be free entry fro children upto 12 years and for those who want to buy and collect the traditional fragrances of India, there will be special display and sale of Itra (perfumes), Agarbatti, dhoop and essential oils. With this there will be sale and practical demonstrations of kuppi making.

The three evenings will be marked by cultural programmes performed by varios artists and groups coming from various parts of the country. Indian fragrances and perfumes have always been in demand world over because of their natural ingredients and traditional manufacturing methods. The event provides all the perfume lovers to explore the aromas of traditional India

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Confessions of a confused mind...

Life is not easy i have realised this hard fact in my small little life of 25 years. But one has to make it beautiful and worth living. I have seen many people who make their lives appear to be very gorgeous...but only from outside. When you get a chance to sneek peak into their oh-so-wanna-be will find it stagnant and rotten. Iam confused in my mind what life i want....obviously the answer would be the former one! 

So, is my constant pursuit to get a best out of my life...but HOW?? Iam a university student right now with loads of bright ideas and dreams in mind...but will they get fulfilled? How can i expect my days to be smooth and tension free after university days? How will i get a good job...a dream job? a job which can show me some bank balance at the end of month?? a job where i do not return home tired...where there is no which does not hurt my ego...Why the hell iam expecting all this...when i know that there is no miracle waiting outside.

As the ending days are approaching...i feel like hiding to some place where these days do not end..everything comes to eternity for i don't want to face those cruel moments which i have aleready witnessed. But that is not possible. Life is no cherry on a cake! One has to face the music if you want to sale on high have to bear those brunts to get a scar free future. Anyways now when i realise that i cannot escape from this reality comes another big question...WHAT KIND OF LIFE I WANT??

This is something which keeps on haunting my days and nights. How do i want to live? Like a super successful professional woman who has her shares (actually MORE) of frustrations in her personal life or like a perfect indian sati-savitri types bahu...who is always under pressures to prove her abilities and has to look to her husband for every single thing she has to buy...what do i want? Something in between..a part of each!..well that is something every girl wants..but then do they get it? Do they get satisfactions and peace in life? If yes...then how do they do it? How do they strike such a BALANCE?

Having seen the hoities of media world...i find it something difficult to do. You have to sacrifice either of the one. But do i want that? Do i want to remain single till 35? NO! Do i want a life of housewife after acquring MA's and PG's in mass comm? CERTAINLY NOT! The life that i demand for myself is not an easy one. GOD HELP ME!!I want to run in every direction. I want THIS and i want THAT too. I want name, fame and privacy at the same time. I want to rule the world but i want to live and nurture my small little world also. HOW WILL THIS HAPPEN?

I want several answers from life..i have many questions from life. Who will answer these question? Yeah...i know i have to search them myself.  I think i need to sit back and make a list of priorities in life...what i can achieve and what is out of my limits. I need to make realistic goals for myself else my mind will go haywire and i will burst myslelf. SWOT ANAYLSYIS is need of an hour....

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Friday, March 4, 2011

New Media words added in Oxford Dictionary 2011

Finally, new media has made its stand. Due to increasing influence of world wide web in our day-to-day lives and on English language new words have been included in Oxford Dictionary 2011. These words are:

1. Scareware - malacious computer programmes
2. Bloggable - a suitable topic for blogging
3. Onliner - an internet user
4. Clickjacking - manipulating user's activity by concealing hyperlinks
5. Sexting - sending explicit images or messages
6. tbh - to be honest
7. fnarr fnarr - sniggering in textspeak
8. feature phone - a mobile phone with extra features
9. trackpad - touchpad
10. buttload - a large amount

Among these "cyberbullying" and "cybersecurity" are the words which have appeared for the first time in english dictionary.

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Information Source: Indian Express, February 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Book Review: Fashion's Lady

Author: Sandra Wilson
Publisher: Robert Hale Limited, London
ISBN: 978-0-7090-8312-2
Pages: 224
First published in Great Britain, 2007

The book revolves around high flying fashion society of London in times of nineteenth century during war. The story revolves around the life of Susannah Garland, her cousin and failed lover Miles Devereux and her business financer Sir Jeffery Stratton. The book takes you into the world of her royal majesty, her fashionable courtroom ladies, their tales at fashion houses and the gowns on which they daunt.

Susannah Garland is an unfortunate niece of Lord Devereux of Sanderby and is in love with his son. Miles Devereux is forced to marry into money to Lady Agnes while his father decides to get rid of his niece, when Susannah decides to flee the Sanderby. Her skill as a dressmaker is all what she has and she gets employed by London’s foremost house of fashion run by fashion queen Madame Hilary.

Her life as seamstress at Madame Hilary is not smooth and she has to face the hatred of forewoman Miss Chiddcock and her assistant James Ridley. However, her designs soon get noticed by Madame Hilary only to add to her misery and Madame plans to blackmail Susannah ruthlessly for her fear of not revealing her identity to her uncle. In between, chances fling her into Mile’s arms again, and this time he wants to set her up as his mistress.