Tuesday, May 31, 2011

PR as communication tool

To live is to communicate. Communication is very important for existence of any human being. Communication is a process of sharing and expressing views, opinions, experiences and information. Not only personally, professionally also, communication is very important. Business organisations, corporates inform customers about their products/services/goods through the process of communication. 

With the increased competition among businesses, it becomes vital for organisation to effectively communicate with target customers. In order to so, big corporates have dedicated marketing communication departments which uses communication tools like advertising, Public Relations, direct Marketing, Personal Selling, Events to communicate with people. 

Advertising creatively and effectively communicates, aware and persuades audience to buy a particular product. Public Relations, on the other hand, has emerged as an effective communication tool for the companies which not only inform, but also helps in building the positive image of the company. 

My sunshine!

Sunshine sparkles through the leaves of my tree
Warm air sighs through the leaves of my tree!

Journey of Life!

Focus on the journey, not the destination!

Carve a tunnel of hope through the dark mountain of disappointment 

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