Sunday, February 14, 2010

!!UNEXPECTED!! unpleasant though.......

What shall i write...m in a state of shock. Unable to see my future with tearful blurred vision, i just cannot believe what happened with me. Though i have gone through each minute detail, have confirmed and convinced myself that things are not as simple and wise as they appear...but somewhere in my heart iam still sure that things will turn the right way. 

O god...why it happened to me??/ Why Me?? Why always me?? Why do i have to fight always to set the things right for me?? WHY WHY?? Heaven's sake..whenever i feel everything is falling in place, everything gets upside down for me to sit and think all over again..suddenly i have to re-think my plans and schedule the future things. I have realised that life can be messy never know when your plans fail badly and you have to start from the begininig.....LIFE!!

 Till last week i was happy and celebrating my birthday... unexpected parties, shopping sprees and movie-lunches..and was happy talking about  unexpected things happening with me...though pleasant ones.....BUT now what unexpected has happened is surely unpleasant and unbelieveble. I cannot live with it nor can i leave it. I have to face the situations and circumstances,... i have been cheated of my money, time, future, much is at STAKE!!

I have decided that i will fight back and won't succumb to the situations... will not leave the traitors and make them feel and go through the same emotions as iam going through .. MISERABLE, HELPLESS, ANNOYED, IRRITATED, FRUSTRATED, LOSER.........

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