Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy one month...

ok guyss...this one i had to write..just a month old in my new organisation...and here sharing a few experiences with you. 

The start- Like everywhere, i was welcomed well with all the politeness and gentleness in the world...with smiling but confused faces (yess!! they are confused about what am i doing in Industry Relations with background in media, PR, advertising etc etc! Its been over a month but the confusion is still ON!) 

Place - The place is good...a stride better than my previous organisations, with helping and smiling faces around. People are polite and work environment allows you to be YOU! Individual space and respect is given to each matter on which ladder of the hierarchy he/she is working. Over here one can live his/her personal and professional lives with equal satisfaction. A decent working place with professionalism of corporate!

People - This is one is too simple yet complicated to explain....coz m still learning about them, their behaviors, attitudes etc etc. Process of perception making is still on...coz everyday  a few are made and many are broken!! you this world how difficult it is to know who is who!

Cut to my interactions with so happened that suddenly when i started feeling naaiiccee and gooooodieee gooodieee....things started happening!...not so weird but yeah funny in a way! People who were giving cute nice good-morning smiles suddenly became wannbe dudes and dudettes! Colleagues who appeared proper and sensible suddenly came out of their shells to prove "don't go on my looks...m wierd!" ok...point taken!

And yes..cannot miss to mention first comment/complement(still thinking how to take it) came in flat 15 days.."you are rude!"....communicated by someone with whom i was not rude!?! or may be i was...donno! and the one with whom i was.. Mr. oh-so-wannabe-cool dooodee never came out!!

Moving ahead...the place where i sit...a medium sized humanless cubicle divided in six equal halves, with only 3 where i spend my entire day..hip-hopping from one chamber to another..from one wing to another...from one floor to another...obviously for work! It is this cubicle where i met two colleague turned friends P and P!(made other friends too...but with them only kaam ki baat...and with these two..only faaltoo bakwaas!!). My gurus in the me gyans and enlightenment which no one else can give...not even the old and knowledgeable category and not even all the HRDs combined on this earth!!! (you know..what m talking about..the inside khabars...shhhh!! not to tell anyone!!SECRETSS ;-) However, amongst these is an occasional visitor and the other will soon become a rare and hard to locate entity!

There is one another Mr. P..the only reason for this place to be lively, simple and innocent! Not very important part of the organisation but yes someone without whom the cubicle will lose its life. His presence makes this place and people stand apart from others. Respect!

Observation - this place is divided into two age-groups!!,..Men/Women and Boys/Girls!!Men and Women are smart, old, knowledgeable and settled in their lives...while the other category is tunelessly searching for its identity in the organisation..(this includes me too!)..some frantically trying to reach there...while others have lost all the hopes! be continued