Thursday, August 20, 2009


To create a new world and an exciting life one needs to be full of enthusiasm and creative ideas to fulfil their long cherished dreams. Making your dreams come true should be the only motive of human life and one should strive hard to accomplish their dreams. Every individual is different and this makes every individual’s dreams and aspirations unique.

Lets pledge to conquer our dreams and get into the dreamland with the dreams that we see through open eyes i.e. our desires and passions that we want to fulfil. Love is life – as said by many saints and philosophers, lets dream about spreading love around the world, lets dream about world that only give and take love, affection and loyalty. Let’s not hate others and lets not be selfish to others.

Dreams derive from the need gap and social structure in which an individual is born and brought up. For some it is to attain heights and for some it is to successfully gather the basic necessities of life for their families. Nevertheless, dreams always come true of those who believe in fulfilling the dreams. Dreams create an imaginary, dynamic and virtual world around us from which one should derive motivation and insipration.