Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

Road trip to Rajasthan

Standing tall!

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the loner!

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Celebrating Delhi from 18th – 23rd September, 2010

In the season of festivals and refreshing rains, the moods of people around the city are on high. Everyone seems to enjoy the festivities. Taking the opportunity of this setting, Department of Art, Culture and Languages is celebrating the aesthetics and culture of the capital with Jashn-e-Dilli from 18th - 23rd September, 2010 at Ansari Auditorium, Jamia Milia Islamia.

'Ghalib' starring Tom Alter

The festival will open with two-day long play on ‘Ghalib’ presented by Pierrot’s Troupe presentation; starring Tom Alter. On 20th & 21st September, IPTA (Indian People’s Theatre Association) will showcase ‘Kaifi aur Main’ starring ‘Javed Akhtar’ and ‘Shaban Azmi’. The play is written by ‘Javed Akhtar’ and directed by ‘Ramesh Talwar’.  On last two days of the event i.e. 22nd & 23rd September, ‘Eidgah’ will be staged starring Neeta Mohindra. All the plays will be showcased after 7pm everyday. 

'Kaifi aur Main' starring Shabana Azmi

Delhi has a rich mix of cultures, traditions, beliefs and languages. Hindi and English mixed with Urdu make it stand on a different platform when it comes to vocal culture of Delhi. Various hues and tones of Delhi will be presented in this six day long festival. Passes will be available from 17th September, 2010.  

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Copyrighting Bikaneri Bhujiya or Goan Feni ....local brands are getting conscious

We Indians are now getting aware of our rights over our properties. After the patenting of Basmati by US firm RiceTec Inc, we have learnt a good lesson and are claiming rights over our intellectual properties. The Registrar of Geographical Indications (GI) has accepted claims by more products, calamining rights over the products for local prestige. Getting GI tag ensures that none other than those are registered, authorized producer of a particular product. 

Darjeeling Tea, the first brand to get a GI tag

The products like Bikaneri Bujiya from Rajasthan, Guntur Sannam chilli,  Hyderabadi haleem, Mahabaleshwar strawberry, Paithani sarees from Maharashtra, Kinnauri shawl from Himachal Pradesh, Kasaragod sarees are claiming GI tags. 

Bikaneri Bhujiya

Madhubani paintings
The first product to get a GI tag was Darjeeling tea. The next to follow was the aranmula kannadi from Kerela ( a mirror of highly polished metal). The list then follows Mysore sandalwood oil, Madhubani paintings, Thanjavur paintings, Konark stone carving, Jaipur's blue pottery, Laxman Bhog mango of West Bengal, Kashmir's pashmina, Tirupati's laddu and Goan feni. 

Kashmiri Pashmina
It is encouraging to see that we are aware of our copyrights and are aware of rightful claims of our manufactured products. This helps the preservation and promotion of local traditions and helps to build a brand. It also ensures that one gets the credit of what one is producing. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

From yester years....

The new millennium is just nine years old and we have already witnessed recession and a boom. Almost everything has changed and some of it beyond expectations. Internet, mobiles, multiplexes, and media, the entire lot has changed us completely as customers. With time everything turns old and is replaced by something new. Last decade has left behind some of those usable items which were so new and innovative few years back.

The photo film market was booming in 1999, with 10 million films bought as Indians took to photography. The digital camera was almost non-existent at that time and only 30,000 units were sold in 2001-02, within three years and in 2009 sales are expected to grow 1 million units. Film role consumption has been declining in same measure.

Same goes with Greeting Cards–Rs 200 crore industry has shrunk to Rs 75 crore over a decade. With introduction of e-mails, SMS’s, the need for buying and sending greeting cards has reduced when messages can be sent in a click and free of cost. Floppy Disk shares the same story of rejection. A device on which one can carry files, photographs and even songs from one place to another was regarded as ground breaking discovery. People used to flaunt those colorful floppies till CD’s and then pen drives come into play.

Life moves on and so does things we use. What used to be fresh and innovative yesterday is old and obsolete today. Exciting would be to know the replacements of innovatives of today. 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Child labour in TV serials!!

I made this presentation as a part of my University project. The problem is closed to my heart and i feel that we are not doing much about it. Being a media student, i see this also as a form of child labour.

The introductory video has been made by me. Nothing is copied in this presentation except the video interviews.

Ganpati Bappa Moriyaa!

Festival season in India has come and is here to stay for a time now. After celebrating Krishna Janashtmi with fervor and devotion, now arrives Lord Ganesha! It is believed and practiced that all prayers to God must start with Ganesha Stuti as he is the bestower of goodwill and benevolence. In many parts of the country, Ganesh Chaturthi is also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi or Vinayaka Chavathi. 

It is celebrated in honors of the birth of elephant-headed God Lord Ganesha with great joy and passion for 10 days. Lord Ganesh is worshipped as god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune. The festival touches its height in state of Maharashtra where people chant 'ganpati bappa moriya, agle baras tu jaldi aa' while dipping the idols in lakes, rivers and sea on the 10th day. 

Ganesh Chaturthi will be celebrated on 11th September, 2010. The same day world will celebrate another great festival of Eid. Both the festivals will be celebrated with equal enthusiasm and respect in India. The festival season in India proves its secular religion of Unity in Diversity. All religions in the world preach peace and brotherhood.     

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

We are Family: Will India like it?

‘We are Family’ is an official remake of Hollywood film ‘Stepmom’, starring Kajol, Arjun Rampal and Kareena Kapoor. It will be interesting to find whether India will like it or it will meet the similar fate as ‘Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna’, latter also produced by Dharma Productions. Will the film be able to match up with Indian audience who are still strong in their roots of an undivided family? Will Indian audience accept it or the film will meet the step-motherly treatment?

The story revolves around family,in an unusual situation as the promos define it , with conflict between two moms, Maya (Kajol), divorced family oriented woman raising her children alone after her husband, Aman (Arjun Rampal) leaves her for Shreya (Kareena), the complete career woman. Film expects one to go on an emotional trip, when Maya realises that she has very little time left for her.

With huge star cast and big banner film might succeed in getting audience to the cinema halls but will it get acceptance among audience. With Hollywood films coming right away in homes through movie channels, it would be fascinating to see the reactions of those react who have already seen the original flick. There is also confusion about the target audience of film. Urban youth, by all means have access to the original one, so why will they spend on the remake. Those in sub-urbans might go on for a trip following the star cast but will they be able to match the mindset of the film? Something to watch out for!

Friday, September 3, 2010

My desktop background image!

Come any festival or an ocassion, that emotion becomes my mood. The feelings start runing in my blood, soul and heart. These unexpected yet truely welcome emotions make me do things that i normally won't do. Latest is the Janamashtmi fever, i have suddenly got religious and humming bhajans. Last one was on Independence day when i heard almost all patriotic songs on youtube. 

This time it is the change in my desktop background image. Krishna poster on my laptop's wall fills me with religious fervour. This black and coloured poster of kanha...serves well with the desktop icons as well. The black background make them look clear to me. The contrast is perfect and is suiting my mood well these days. 

Thanks to mum's janamashtmi's cultural festival at her school, where she takes my help is selecting and editing the songs, i have also learnt a few of krishna bhajans. 

Defining Media

Media in a layman's term is a group of organisations that provide news, information and entertainment. Organisations of Electronic communication (T.V, Radio and Internet) and print publications (Newspapers and Magazines) are the synonyms of media for us. But while giving these definitions, do we hold ourselves and think what actually media means? Grammatically, media is a plural of medium.  And medium is channel, which is used for transferring information or data.

In commumication theories, it is also reffered as a medium which transferes messages. It can be either in form of sender or receiver.There are many points that one tends to forget while defining the term. The most common error is that the term is used as a singular collective term for 'communication medium'. This is something that we all do in our daily lives while taking or discuuing about the electronic news channels or print prublications or web versions of these undertakings. But somehow this has become an accepted norm.

When one studies about media, he/she tends to analyse about its nature, the effect of its content on audience, the changing relationship between content producers and consumers, rules and regulations governing it, ethics, principles to be followed my organisations and people working in it and its evolution through time. 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

To Lord Krishna, with love

Dear Lord Krishna,

Wishing you a very happy birthday. By taking this oppurtunity i want to 'Thank you' for the life you have given to me. Caring family, lovely friends, healthy body, neat thinking and beautiful environment where i can express what i can,  can emote what i feel and can have what i want to. My gift for you today is my immense trust in you and i promise you it wil be the same for the entire lifetime.

O God! bless me that my faith in you never deters and i never change in my life for bad. Forgive me for whatever wrong i have done and motivate me to do good and nice things.

Love you