Saturday, February 20, 2010

Life on a dodge!

A lot has happened since my birthday...whoohh!!....i was thinking that life will be different and new in 24th year of my life...but the start has been so so shocking, I wonder what all will happen the entire year...the year has just started and so my fight against the system and corruption.

Last one week was so eventful, full of emotions and high on drama! Dramatic it is and so is unbelieving. Have started the fight but still cannot believe that it HAPPENED WITH US!! (It's not alone me who is fighting....near about 100 people are affected and we all are together in this fight). Everyone came with lots of expectations, aims and dreams...but what we got after spending our quality time and our parent's hard earned money - FRAUD, DHOKA, FAREB...we all are cheated. (ok...i cannot disclose what has happened...m just wending out my frustration and anger by writing this).
The suspense will be out in open in some time (if circumstances compel us to do that). We guys have been running from pillar to post only to clarify our problems and to seek assurance but the replies that we are getting are heartbreaking and ill. They are trying to convince us at every level but we are not convinced with baseless and hollow explanations.

"We cannot promise anything", "Keep your fingers crossed", "It's risky", "Why have you come to me"....are what we if we are at fault and are apologising for it. They need to understand that its a fault from their end and they HAVE to ammend it. They should be thankful to us that we are trying to SOLVE the fraud...rather than SPOILING things for them. They can be in DEADLY MESS..if if are made to do so.

It's just a starting and this fight will go a long way. I cannot see things solving for us really soon. Its going to be a bumpy ride and we have to reach our destination unhurt and undeterred. Coming weeks would be full of fights, actions, reactions, arguments, suggestions, hopes, situations, optimisim, excitement, winning, losing etc etc...whatever it will will not be they war is good.   

Sunday, February 14, 2010

!!UNEXPECTED!! unpleasant though.......

What shall i write...m in a state of shock. Unable to see my future with tearful blurred vision, i just cannot believe what happened with me. Though i have gone through each minute detail, have confirmed and convinced myself that things are not as simple and wise as they appear...but somewhere in my heart iam still sure that things will turn the right way. 

O god...why it happened to me??/ Why Me?? Why always me?? Why do i have to fight always to set the things right for me?? WHY WHY?? Heaven's sake..whenever i feel everything is falling in place, everything gets upside down for me to sit and think all over again..suddenly i have to re-think my plans and schedule the future things. I have realised that life can be messy never know when your plans fail badly and you have to start from the begininig.....LIFE!!

 Till last week i was happy and celebrating my birthday... unexpected parties, shopping sprees and movie-lunches..and was happy talking about  unexpected things happening with me...though pleasant ones.....BUT now what unexpected has happened is surely unpleasant and unbelieveble. I cannot live with it nor can i leave it. I have to face the situations and circumstances,... i have been cheated of my money, time, future, much is at STAKE!!

I have decided that i will fight back and won't succumb to the situations... will not leave the traitors and make them feel and go through the same emotions as iam going through .. MISERABLE, HELPLESS, ANNOYED, IRRITATED, FRUSTRATED, LOSER.........

Friday, February 5, 2010

Unexpected continues.....

okk....after an unexpected birthday comes another! This week comes with set of situations/circumstances/activities which i never thought of... guys... m living a strangest dream of my life...never thought of it a week before or when i was writing the last blog...pheww!!! LIFE is soo full of unexpectations...i agree!!

Got a call from my prof. and he asked me to become a part of a media committee for an ongoing fest in my univ...never thought i would be doing it....instead had other plans like will go for Rann, will visit World Book Fair, will attend papa's office, will be studying, will  finish reading pending reads, will spend quality time with mumma etc etc....plans never end... BUT now m attending a four day fest and writing press releases...wierd but impressive!

More an e-mail today scheduling my next week...again UNEXPECTED!! How everything happens on its don't have to don't have to think....just act the way life sets the stage for you...and make sure you set the stage on fire!!

Lets see where my fire leads if i perform well (will let you know later)....things will get scheduled for another 7-8 months...looong time!! Must say a thrilling start of 2010...where i end up on next birthday one knows!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Birthday week continues.....

Hmmm.... as expected unexpected happened today! Last day of my birthday week...and got yet another birthday gift...SHOPPING... !!YAY!! (this is a best birthday gift for a girl...even if she do not buy anything.... but she will always adore you for this!)

Me and mumma went on an unexpected shopping expedition today....we shopped till we were broke (physically and have to keep things in check!) but it was ultimate fun! Mom and daughter shopping together is anyday a great outing. She is a sport and a great company...i enjoy with her the most!!

This year we both have pledged to steal out some time from our busy schedules and spend quality time together....hope these wonderful days remain forever and life stops to be eternal! I know this is a silly wish and can never be granted but still i will wish wish and wish....Luv yaa mommmyy!

Hope tomorrow brings with it some new adventures and excitement in life...if not...then i pray for a peaceful blessed day....amen!

Monday, February 1, 2010


26th January - Happy birthday to meee......happy birthday to mee....lunch at at Waves - 3 Idiots. 27th January - Bunk from college... saw puppet show "Bollywood Bandwagon"...31st January - saw Rashoman (Japenese movie made in 1950), 1st February - missed college..lunch with mumma at Bikaner and movie at Waves - Ishqiya.....that what is called a birthday week.. an extended party....awosme...just loved every bit of it.  

It was not planned, not scheduled but still everything fell into place. Sometimes it happens that you plan things, think about them, think about the consequences..but still everything gets messed up. Why? Why it so happens that things suddenly happens, situations and circumstances turn in/out your favour and you act according to them... WHY??... i have no answer for it!

But yeah m quite convinced with the phrases like "What has to happen will happen", "Jo hota hai achee ke loye hota hai", "Everything has a set time" etc etc... when i was in college i used to think otherwise when elders used such phrases to conclude the conversations on any happenings (positive or negative)... but now i realise this is so TRUE..... if not true but one has to believe it to move on in life .. as they say!

I find it strange that now i also preach same things to anyone and everyone who is not feeling very good about his/her life, or is pis*d off with something, or is not happy with the way things are taking shape...i preach and my friends tease me  "you are a teacher...why don't you become a teacher"... i smile and conversation ends...from their side (obviously ;-)).. not mine....i speak preach and convince them that what m saying is CORRECT (i know girls always do that...and it cannot change...don't try just accept it coz this is a universal TRUTH!)

But somewhere in our hearts we all know and accept that what has to happen happens... you cannot change have to accept deal you like it or want it or not!....things have happened...better accept it than to sit and cry over it. My masi's words come to my mind when she scolds my little brother when he refuses to go to school or make some bahanas ..."chahe has ke jao yaa ro ke tto jaana padega" simply she explains this TRUTH of life to him...and i bet he will never forget it but will repeat the same lines to his kids. 

At this moment when m writing this blog...i have in mind that tomorrow i have to go to college..till now this is the PLAN. But what is stored in future..I DoN'T KNOW...actually no one knows....and everyone knows that they don't know..but still we PLAN PLAN and PLAN. This is what our grandparents did for our parents and our parents are doing for us..and m sure we will also plan for generation to come...this is one can change much Rancho preach about living in cannot be changed and this is the ultimate TRUTH...we know it but hide from it!
Ok...i know after reading through this will be me so do iam...anyone who can decode the code and let me know the TRUTH! ;-)