Saturday, February 20, 2010

Life on a dodge!

A lot has happened since my birthday...whoohh!!....i was thinking that life will be different and new in 24th year of my life...but the start has been so so shocking, I wonder what all will happen the entire year...the year has just started and so my fight against the system and corruption.

Last one week was so eventful, full of emotions and high on drama! Dramatic it is and so is unbelieving. Have started the fight but still cannot believe that it HAPPENED WITH US!! (It's not alone me who is fighting....near about 100 people are affected and we all are together in this fight). Everyone came with lots of expectations, aims and dreams...but what we got after spending our quality time and our parent's hard earned money - FRAUD, DHOKA, FAREB...we all are cheated. (ok...i cannot disclose what has happened...m just wending out my frustration and anger by writing this).
The suspense will be out in open in some time (if circumstances compel us to do that). We guys have been running from pillar to post only to clarify our problems and to seek assurance but the replies that we are getting are heartbreaking and ill. They are trying to convince us at every level but we are not convinced with baseless and hollow explanations.

"We cannot promise anything", "Keep your fingers crossed", "It's risky", "Why have you come to me"....are what we if we are at fault and are apologising for it. They need to understand that its a fault from their end and they HAVE to ammend it. They should be thankful to us that we are trying to SOLVE the fraud...rather than SPOILING things for them. They can be in DEADLY MESS..if if are made to do so.

It's just a starting and this fight will go a long way. I cannot see things solving for us really soon. Its going to be a bumpy ride and we have to reach our destination unhurt and undeterred. Coming weeks would be full of fights, actions, reactions, arguments, suggestions, hopes, situations, optimisim, excitement, winning, losing etc etc...whatever it will will not be they war is good.   

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