Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Birthday week continues.....

Hmmm.... as expected unexpected happened today! Last day of my birthday week...and got yet another birthday gift...SHOPPING... !!YAY!! (this is a best birthday gift for a girl...even if she do not buy anything.... but she will always adore you for this!)

Me and mumma went on an unexpected shopping expedition today....we shopped till we were broke (physically and monetary....you have to keep things in check!) but it was ultimate fun! Mom and daughter shopping together is anyday a great outing. She is a sport and a great company...i enjoy with her the most!!

This year we both have pledged to steal out some time from our busy schedules and spend quality time together....hope these wonderful days remain forever and life stops to be eternal! I know this is a silly wish and can never be granted but still i will wish wish and wish....Luv yaa mommmyy!

Hope tomorrow brings with it some new adventures and excitement in life...if not...then i pray for a peaceful blessed day....amen!