Friday, March 4, 2011

New Media words added in Oxford Dictionary 2011

Finally, new media has made its stand. Due to increasing influence of world wide web in our day-to-day lives and on English language new words have been included in Oxford Dictionary 2011. These words are:

1. Scareware - malacious computer programmes
2. Bloggable - a suitable topic for blogging
3. Onliner - an internet user
4. Clickjacking - manipulating user's activity by concealing hyperlinks
5. Sexting - sending explicit images or messages
6. tbh - to be honest
7. fnarr fnarr - sniggering in textspeak
8. feature phone - a mobile phone with extra features
9. trackpad - touchpad
10. buttload - a large amount

Among these "cyberbullying" and "cybersecurity" are the words which have appeared for the first time in english dictionary.

Image Source: Google Images
Information Source: Indian Express, February 2011

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