Wednesday, March 30, 2011

India Vs Pakistan.......Goosebumps over goosebumps

Finally the WEDNESDAY has come which every cricket fan was waiting anxiously. As the clock is ticking m feeling butterflies in my stomach, head, legs, short all over my body. M tensed, excited, nervous, worried, happy and enthralled at the same time. Wat will happen today? Which part of the LOC will be celebrating....with which feeling ill go to sleep tonight? SIGH!! ... these thoughts are not allowing me to concentrate anywhere :p

Its the biggest match of the world cup 2011 today....oh my god....India vs Pakistan in semis..aaouchhh....the only mention of such a heart rendering contest is giving me shrill thrill. It is the biggest day in life of every Indian and Pakistani....god i wish i could see the match live in the stadium....BUT does my heart allow me? M hip-hopping around the house, biting nails and listening to craziest of songs....when i have to watch it on TV...what will happen to me when it will be LIVE.... 

Most of my friends are watching the match on big screens either in sports bars or cinema halls....i like the idea...i want to be a part of this insane craziness..but what if we lose? Risk of seeing my men in blue losing on big screen is heart breaking :( ....but i believe we will win the game...hopefully, touch wood...i want this to happen from all my everyone m a cricket crazy fan...fanatic actually.

So my guys...this is the d-day....perfect treat for all fans out dere...and i wish to see healthy cricket...fights in between....some abuses...and dose mandatory fights between Afridi and Gambhir are allowed..and also Shoaib Akhtar with his over the top aggressiveness will be fun to watch(after all its one of the last matches for him) ... i won't mind...little tension is allowed...but please don't let it come to ball per run stage....i get freeeze in those situations...blood comes to my mouth and i almost die...god knows what will happen today....but m all geared to see it, face it and enjoy it!

Dhoni and company...DE GHOOMAA KEEEE.....

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  1. i am sure, u must have enjoyed that.... there were no fights between Afridi n Gambheer...even Shoaib was not there to show his aggressiveness....and it was never a nail biting finish, in fact it turned out to be a convincing victory.... so get urself prepared for Mumbai now.

    BTW a well written post.... enjoyed the read.

  2. Though i am a bit late, but am glad to be here!
    Our cheers did work wonders, it was indeed a treat we got yesterday!! Hope we can get the cup :)

    As regards your query you left on my blog, yes i have visited the Khatu shyam temple in Rajasthan, Here is the link if you wish to read it--

    Khatu shyam temple

    Have a great day :)

  3. Congratulations guys that we won....yep m waitng for saturday now...fingerscrossed.