Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You know you had an awesome trip with friends when.....

You think about THAT trip about 4-5 times a day

You just can't stop from checking the pics whenever you open PC

You start realizing non-trippers are getting uncomfortable of newly developed bondings and equations 

You check for friends albums/updates/comments about THAT trip.... whenever you log on to Facebook

You just want to talk about the trip and fun you had with fellow colleagues/family

You desperately want those days to come back 

You want to meet those friends again and again

You want them to know how close they have come to you

You start liking that temporary life over your permanent one

You smile alone when happy thoughts come to your mind

You are still under the hangover even after 2 weeks.........

Was on trip with friends to Jim Corbett and Nainital for 5 days....the fun i had there is unmatchable. Love you guys for making those days so so special for me.

With loads of love,
Dedicated to all my MMC rockstars!


  1. undoubtedly there are some moments in life spent with dear ones which remains in our thoughts for always and we simply love to cherish those moments again n again..........

  2. Almost everybody is going through the same feeling:)

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