Saturday, July 10, 2010

Life undergoing changes :)

It's been long time i have posted something about has been undergoing changes.Trial for new innings has started on professional front, YES...YES....YES....i have started going to papa's office, personal life is undergoing changes. Think this happens with evryoneone who are in mid-20's (pressures of getting married!)..i hate it when someone says "ab tto umar ho gayi shaadi ki", "umar nikal jaaegi", "koi hai kya tera, tto bata de" ....arghhh countless dialgues coming from every corner.  

Lets leave this topic..i don't like it..GOD!!..when it will happen everyone will get to know about me getting hitched! These days m going to papa's office...trying to understand things around by being an observant spectator. Life is good and m happy about it. Yes i know...being a media student m expected to make career in the media industry, but somehow m losing intrest in it (may be a phase and it will soon pass). I know m sounding confused, but that's me and i love this thing about myself! Atleast i can explore new options in life and can return to my first love - mad world of media. 

Well, countdown has started for college to re-open. I hope now i don't have to fight for my rights. But things doesn't seem simpler to me. Now, whatever will happen will happen on war scale.  As of now, m enjoying going to papa's office and understanding things over here. It's not a child's play, the system has been running since last 25 years, and i need atleast 25 days to get a hang of it. Hope, i get used to it soon and continue coming during college days also.

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