Friday, July 9, 2010

Deadly Devilish Delhi!

24 hours and 6 murders reported from various locations in Delhi. These are the murders that are reported and covered by media. What has happened to the city we live in? Is it really the world class city to be lived in? What is that we boast about the city – over population, traffic problems, increasing crime rate, elevating prices, pollution, sexual harassments. The city is moving towards its worse and we hope for successful Commonwealth Games.

A recent survey ‘Safe Cities Baseline Survey-Delhi 2010’ revealed that 2 out of three women in Delhi have suffered sexual harassment at least 2-5 times in the last year. The main reasons for sexual harassment identified by survey include lack of gender friendly and functional infrastructure such as adequate lighting, side walks and safe public toilets. Traveling in public transport has become a night mare for women, especially in evening time. Delhi brags of providing safe traveling experience to women through metro, but that also becomes a bumpy ride in rush hours.

Even if anyone try to raise voice against the wrong done to them, family and friends pulls the person back as no one wants to get into further problems. What sickens our society is "chalta hai" attitude which makes us more vulnerable to the crimes. Many a times there has been reports where people just become silent spectators to the unpleasant incident happening, CRUEL AND INSENSITIVE!!  

Everyday one can see reports of suicides, rapes and brutal murders. Political hub of the country, the capital has also become the crime center of India. It seems that police department has just given up. The blames for such incidents can be put on to unregulated immigration of people from neighboring states, lack of civic sense, pressures of life, and failure of police department at large.

Who to blame and what to blame? the capital has been witnessing this faliure of police department for a long time and one can only pray to god to keep family and friends safe in such horrifying circumstances. To be vigilant, watchful and observant is what common man can do. One like it or not, Life must go on! 

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