Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Aamir gives voice to Bharat Bandh with Peepli Live

Aamir Khan has once again proved that he is perfect and unbeatable in whatever he do. With country locked inside homes due to Bharat Bandh, Aamir came out in open by unlockinng the song of the 'Peepli Live',"Mehangayi dayan khaaye jaat hai". He utilized the opportunity of Bharat Bandh and struck the chord right on its face. The song became the voice of the nation in no time on July 5, 2010.It appropriately personifies the plight of common man.

The folk song set in the backgrounds of rising prices in the film, reflects the agony of aam aadmi. The originality of the actors and singers immediately attracts one's attention. Sung by Raghuvir Yadav,the pains of suffering and exploitation can be felt in the lyrics of the song. The feel of the song right from its picturisation to composition, is real and creates an instant connection. With minimum glamour and nearly no bells attached,song captures the true picture of common man tormented from sky high prices of essential commodities.

Aamir is famous for unique and different ideas for promotion his films. His promotional tactics are always interesting and becomes talk of the town, be it chopping people's hair for promoting Ghajini or playing hide and seek with media for promoting 3 Idiots, super hero Rancho has always made his move right. But for Peepli Live, the environment came readily. It was right there, served in the plate, he just did right thing at the right time. One can call it smart and clever promotion.

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