Thursday, July 14, 2011

I don't know what to write....

This headline totally justifies my state of mind right now...want to do something creative...but don't know what to do? how to do?...same as i want to write something but don't know what to write? Life is on roller coaster..and yes m not TIRED!! I want it more...more from life and want to discover its hidden truths!

Mysteries that are waiting to get unfolded...will take time...but i want them RIGHT NOW!! But how is it possible? Only time will tell what going to happen!Till guyys would have guessed,,,and if NOT then let me do the honors...that m happy...not very very happy..but m happy with the way life is taking shape. 

Touch-wood, till now everything is going fine...and i hope i do not attract the evils eye...(nimbu mirchii...pleeaasseeee!! buri nazar se bachoo!) I don't know what is waiting for me tomorrow but as of now life is good and m quite enjoying it. AMEN!

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  1. seems you are doing good with ur new job.....don't worry for tomorrow enjoy the ever moment of present, and thank ur almighty God..:))

    Bets wishes,

  2. @irfan - you have got it right! Hope these continue! Fingers crossed!