Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Valentine's week...spread the magic of love!

February....the month of love, romance and passion. The soft fragrance of roses fill the air around with pure and selfless love. The weather also makes the mood worth spending time with your sweethearts, friends and family. The rough and unsophisticated phase of winters ends here marking the  beginning of adorable spring...where nature is on its full blossom...blooming hope and promise! 

Colors around spread the message of peace, tranquility and harmony. What is beautiful on earth is LOVE..love in all relationships makes life worth living. Relationships are the basis of human life and are the deciding factors of successes and failures. I think the hidden motive of celebrating Valentine's week across the globe is to strengthen relationships, solve the estranged knots, get the lost one's back and rekindle the fading feelings of care and concern. 

Celebrate this 'love week' with your near and dear one and make them feel special for everything they have done for you. 

In those years of loneliness
i want you to hold me!

In those last hours
i want your promise to meet again!

Picture Courtesy: Google Images

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