Friday, December 31, 2010

Bidding adieu to 2010....WELCOME 2011!!

The last blog of 2010 must start and end with a happy note. Life has been good this year and i pray for a happy start to the coming year. The first ten years of the new milleninum were eventful...full of sad and happy moments. I gained adulthood, passed college, experienced professional world, made new relationships, saw changing relationships and lost my adorable dadi(2007) in these ten years. Hopefully a new member will be added in 2011.

Last year saw its ups and downs. 'Duniyadaari' is what i learnt in the second half of the year. This has made me strong and mature enough to handle my relations. Too much of expectations are bad for one's emotional and mental health. I went through all the happy and sad moments. Iam a grown up girl today, a matured girl who has the responsibility of her parents on her shoulders.

Life is too long and i think my decision will show up in the future. Hopefully what iam doing will bring happiness to me and my close ones. My fingers are crossed and i pray to god to help me as he has always stood beside me in life. Without the blessings God nothing is possible. Oh God! thank you so much for gifting me two angels in my life i.e. mumma and papa. I know life will be quite difficult without them at a new place..but i hope ill manage and will fulfill my promise!

My new year resolution is to bring good name to my parents and fulfill all the promises given to them. Next year will hopefully see new lists of blogs mentioning new people. Amen! 

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