Friday, September 3, 2010

My desktop background image!

Come any festival or an ocassion, that emotion becomes my mood. The feelings start runing in my blood, soul and heart. These unexpected yet truely welcome emotions make me do things that i normally won't do. Latest is the Janamashtmi fever, i have suddenly got religious and humming bhajans. Last one was on Independence day when i heard almost all patriotic songs on youtube. 

This time it is the change in my desktop background image. Krishna poster on my laptop's wall fills me with religious fervour. This black and coloured poster of kanha...serves well with the desktop icons as well. The black background make them look clear to me. The contrast is perfect and is suiting my mood well these days. 

Thanks to mum's janamashtmi's cultural festival at her school, where she takes my help is selecting and editing the songs, i have also learnt a few of krishna bhajans. 

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