Sunday, September 12, 2010

From yester years....

The new millennium is just nine years old and we have already witnessed recession and a boom. Almost everything has changed and some of it beyond expectations. Internet, mobiles, multiplexes, and media, the entire lot has changed us completely as customers. With time everything turns old and is replaced by something new. Last decade has left behind some of those usable items which were so new and innovative few years back.

The photo film market was booming in 1999, with 10 million films bought as Indians took to photography. The digital camera was almost non-existent at that time and only 30,000 units were sold in 2001-02, within three years and in 2009 sales are expected to grow 1 million units. Film role consumption has been declining in same measure.

Same goes with Greeting Cards–Rs 200 crore industry has shrunk to Rs 75 crore over a decade. With introduction of e-mails, SMS’s, the need for buying and sending greeting cards has reduced when messages can be sent in a click and free of cost. Floppy Disk shares the same story of rejection. A device on which one can carry files, photographs and even songs from one place to another was regarded as ground breaking discovery. People used to flaunt those colorful floppies till CD’s and then pen drives come into play.

Life moves on and so does things we use. What used to be fresh and innovative yesterday is old and obsolete today. Exciting would be to know the replacements of innovatives of today. 

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