Friday, September 3, 2010

Defining Media

Media in a layman's term is a group of organisations that provide news, information and entertainment. Organisations of Electronic communication (T.V, Radio and Internet) and print publications (Newspapers and Magazines) are the synonyms of media for us. But while giving these definitions, do we hold ourselves and think what actually media means? Grammatically, media is a plural of medium.  And medium is channel, which is used for transferring information or data.

In commumication theories, it is also reffered as a medium which transferes messages. It can be either in form of sender or receiver.There are many points that one tends to forget while defining the term. The most common error is that the term is used as a singular collective term for 'communication medium'. This is something that we all do in our daily lives while taking or discuuing about the electronic news channels or print prublications or web versions of these undertakings. But somehow this has become an accepted norm.

When one studies about media, he/she tends to analyse about its nature, the effect of its content on audience, the changing relationship between content producers and consumers, rules and regulations governing it, ethics, principles to be followed my organisations and people working in it and its evolution through time. 

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