Friday, September 17, 2010

Celebrating Delhi from 18th – 23rd September, 2010

In the season of festivals and refreshing rains, the moods of people around the city are on high. Everyone seems to enjoy the festivities. Taking the opportunity of this setting, Department of Art, Culture and Languages is celebrating the aesthetics and culture of the capital with Jashn-e-Dilli from 18th - 23rd September, 2010 at Ansari Auditorium, Jamia Milia Islamia.

'Ghalib' starring Tom Alter

The festival will open with two-day long play on ‘Ghalib’ presented by Pierrot’s Troupe presentation; starring Tom Alter. On 20th & 21st September, IPTA (Indian People’s Theatre Association) will showcase ‘Kaifi aur Main’ starring ‘Javed Akhtar’ and ‘Shaban Azmi’. The play is written by ‘Javed Akhtar’ and directed by ‘Ramesh Talwar’.  On last two days of the event i.e. 22nd & 23rd September, ‘Eidgah’ will be staged starring Neeta Mohindra. All the plays will be showcased after 7pm everyday. 

'Kaifi aur Main' starring Shabana Azmi

Delhi has a rich mix of cultures, traditions, beliefs and languages. Hindi and English mixed with Urdu make it stand on a different platform when it comes to vocal culture of Delhi. Various hues and tones of Delhi will be presented in this six day long festival. Passes will be available from 17th September, 2010.  

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