Saturday, August 21, 2010

My FB homepage!

Facebook has emerged as a useful tool for those who want to be in touch with their friends and distant relatives, but don't have time to meet them and socialize. However, in this fast paced life, everyone is busy to meet any of friends. Well like all, i also own a Facebook account and login about 20-30 times daily without any fail..barring those days when my internet connection do not support my love for real yet virtual set of friends.,,SUPER THANKS to MTNL lines. 

Well, talking about me...i have nearly 190 plus friends...some good ones while others colleagues, acquaintances, contacts...whatever one calls them. The posts are of all kinds that appear on my homepage..right from phrases to lines of songs, poems to Hindi sher-o-shaiyri, to real times posts. The recent trend is that of posting you tube links, blog links or link of some website which they (friends) find interesting. Some people keep on using Facebook applications and posting their results on other people's wall. Farm-ville was the new addiction that many of them were suffering...thank god now they getting back to their normal senses. 

There are some others who have probably forgotten that they have created an account on Facebook...busy bees! It takes so long to get a reply form them if you message or write on their walls. Well, the only day my wall gets maximum posts are on my birthday. Near and dear ones wish on phone, while other DISTANT buddies wish on Facebook. I personally thanks to this this amazing place which assists me in finding friends and remember their birthdays!!....FACEBOOK FRIENDSHIP!! 

My Facebook homepage keeps on buzzing with nearly 250 posts on any normal day. Some are really regularly with their posts but there are many sleeping beauties who update their posts after long time...which attracts a lot of traffic.

Earlier i use to see changes in people's relationship status from being single to committed to some struggling with their complicated FB defines it. Then it changed to location of my frineds...posted across the globe. BUT now suddenly, iam witnessing one major change in my has grown OLD... my friends are getting engaged, married and producing kids!! me it is not a favorable change to notice. We all are moving towards becoming uncles and aunties of new borns. But this cannot be changed...obviously i cannot stop people from growing old or getting hooked. It is a change which i have to accept and move with it. 

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