Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Iam left with only one nerve...and you are getting on IT!!

Till one and a half year back i was a normal human being with my nervous system working like all normal beings, but now m left with one torn-out, wrecked, refusing to work body system. SIGH!!

Thanks to all faux paus personalities buzzing with life around me. Iam fated to meet them almost everyday and like all normal people i also think...Yes, i think and that's my fault! I think when i see them behaving tunelessly, aimlessly and lifelessly.... MINDWIDTH MISMATCH or i don't know what ...but there is surely some problem out there.

God has been so kind to me for making me experience all weird and bizarre things in world at one go. My heart refuses to beat and i go into emotional numbness whenever i see these godly creatures around me...parceled from above only and only for me. THANK YOU GOD!!

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