Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Nani!

It was nani's 71st birthday yesterday. Nani, mother of all mothers, our beauty queen...ready with tips on how to look good and fair and our kitchen queen!. She is the most important person in the entire family, like sun in the solar system. We all revolve and rotate around her. It was the special day for her and cannot be missed. 

While it was a working day, none of our four set of parents could manage to meet her, but the day cannot be missed. So, understanding the situation we five brothers and sisters chalked out a plan to meet her on the day...IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE A SURPRISE!! but as they say,,,,there is no secret in a family!!

Well we.... famous five reached at nani's place..bought a bouquet for her, dhokla for nani and nanu...(as they do not eat cakes and pastries...eggs and non-veg!!) and blackforest pastries for ourselves. We all coordinated with each other... messaged, called and reached the venue(nani's place) on time...BUT again as they say...too many cooks spoils the broth...our latest edition, fifth in the series,my youngest brother reached the place well fifteen minutes before time...and told her about the plan innocently telling the reason behind his sudden arrival  while trying not to reveal the plan...BUTT!! That is my youngest brother for you...naughty, mischievous, cute, sweet and adorable. 

ok...after waiting downstairs for absolutely nothing...we crackpots went upstairs to wish her. She was happy and enthralled to see us. Her enthusiast eyes narrated her feelings and emotions. Soon, nanu was called...and we celebrated her birthday, Though it was not grand arrangement...but it was a luxurious experience. 

Love you Nani!

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