Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lessons life teach.....

Super hectic and emotionally boiling days since my last blog, everything has gone upside down since then. Was already going through turbulent times on professional front, even personal relationships went sour. WHY??? Iam asking it and i know that i know the answer...which too is related to the former front. People cannot see other's being praised it friends...your trusted ones...ooops! to whom i considered my (fake)friends and puked everything in front of them,.,,and what did they do? BACK STABBING!! 

Life has made me experienced those feelings and emotions which were unknown to me. Feelings of being back stabbed, betrayed, being bitched about, boycotted, prohibited.... and the list of terrible emotions goes on. Life was never such a bitch to me. But now after i see that phase passing and life coming back to normal sans fake friends..i realise the importance of my near & dear ones who are with me unconditionally. 

Life teaches you lessons at strange times in strange ways. To whom i never knew before seven months back...hurt me..why?? why i got so emotional for them? Why did it affect me when they bitch about me at my back? Why do i want them to be my loyal friends? why do i want them to not to break my trust? WHY WHY? Who are they? No one till few months back....then why do i expect such things from them....thats the complexity of human relationships i suppose.

Iam hurt and feel bad about it. With this i relaise the value of those who were there for me always whenever i wanted them to be. I must not take them for granted, i must talk to them nicely, i must be thankful to them for being with me in this selfish and cruel world. Out there..on this crazy planet no one has time for anyone. People use you and move forward...there is no place for emotions and can make you look down anytime. And at that time you realise the importance of people who are your real support but you tend to take them for granted.

Here today, while writing this blog, iam thinking of those small fights with my mother, those arguments resulting out of mis-communications with my father, those cold wars with my friends. This world is so beautiful and we tend to take these people for granted coz of some unwanted ones.

I sincerely want to THANK my fake friends who made me realise the importance of my loved ones and taught me to weed grain out of CHAFF!


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