Monday, March 2, 2015

Through the mind of a rain lover!

It was about to rain, combination of grey black clouds and cool breeze was adding to the mood of weekend. I closed my eyes to feel the bliss, nature has bestowed on us. 

The face to feel the coolness of breeze, the wetness of raindrops, to experience the magic of silence admist the thunder and to see the beautiful colors beneath the grey sky. The peace is magical, the joy unknown. 

A rain lover..we find meaning of life in rain. To an extent of relating it to the peace of mind and happiness. Loving the sound of rain drops falling on leaves, the sound of rain on water, the thunder comes naturally to us. 

A walk alone in the rain take us near to the god, its gloomy and bright at the same time. Nature talks to you, comes close to you,to ask for the wish you ever wanted to, to cleanse your wandering mind and soul. 

You talk to yourself, to your soul, to the one which is hiding behind the worldly mask, the you...the actual You!!

And that you is different from what the world see, think and perceive, the actual You is like an innocent child, who gets out of the closet only to play and dance, in the blinding rain..where world is invisible and inaudible! 

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