Monday, May 7, 2012


M back! Welcome me back guys with a different status...MARRIED! From single to married in an year!Life is to change...and this change is huge!! I can feel it more, coz my bliss shifted me from saddi dilli to amchi mumbai!!

After 3 months of settling down at the new place, m back to the blogosphere, promising myself to write more often and frequently. A break of 10 months...and in between life changed! New people, new relations added to the book called LIFE!!

Still understanding, where I am, what I am expected to do, how am i expected to behave, life is moving on a fast pace and today the marriage is 3 months old! Iam a wifey now, a bahu, sister-in law but still a daughter! Hope this new phase of my life be as beautiful forever as the way it has started.

I have grown up, from a notorious bubbly girl to a mature understanding wife. But still i would like that girl to be always in me. A girl with full of naughtiness, ideas, ambitions, laughter, stories, excitement and charm! I wish myself and my hubby darling all the best for the new life that we have started! 

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