Friday, June 17, 2011

yooo i got the job...finally!

Finally i will be considered as a working woman! Hush!! m so happy. So is my family and relatives. 'Aree wahh! course khatam hote hi naukri lag gayi' .... dis is wat m hearing these days. Though i know..i have tough days ahead but life is such. You have to slog to achieve things in life.

But iam happy. Now i will have my a stand..stand to take my decisions..stand to help others taking their decisions. In another ten days i have to join and my two year long vacation wll come to an end. Somewhere in my heart i don't want it to change is life. Nothing is permanent on this how can my life be?

And excuse to what i love doing SHOPPING! Shop for suits, kurtis, handbags, wallet and accessories...yipiee

P.S - Job description after joining!

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  1. wow...congratulations and my best wishes for the upcoming assignments.....

    Partyyyyyyyyyyyyy now.......

    Bets wishes,