Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Beauty lies in ACCEPTANCE!

This age old statement is partially true and is selfish in its own sense. Man will always like what he has or what he possess or what he inherited or what he aims of? What is beautiful to me, might not be charming to you. Whatever i like will always be beautiful to me. A child is always beautiful to her mother, husband will always be dashing for a wife, first tea will always be tasty for a teenager, first love will always be beautiful to me, my house will be a palace to me.... My thing can never be ugly to me.  

Then where does this line fit in? Iam a beholder of my beauty same as others are. In this world of material beauty there are a few acceptable things which defines it: a flawless face, perfect figure, luxurious life,handsome man, success, fame, name, serene blue sea, vegetation, bright moon night, candle light dinner, high hills, snow cladded mountains, art, love, god, blessings, miracles, good luck, mother, father, relationships..and the list of all positive things will go on. 

 All these things are created by God.  Then why many of us condemn other things which are also created by almighty. Why can't we see beauty in so called ugly things of life. Why don't disabled people attract us, why can't we find beauty in poverty, feminine, not so perfect figured girl, not so handsome looking man, one bedroom flat, failure, dessert, struggle, loneliness.....

When beauty lies in the eyes of beholder...then why can't we see beauty in all these things. Aren't they exist on this planet or we just don't want them to happen in our lives. Why do look down upon those who are less privileged. They have equal right to live and and breathe. Why do we sympathize with them for a moment but cannot accept them in our lives. Why? Because they don't seem beautiful to naked eye?        

Our beauty lies in acceptance...accepting whatever is given to us by God, whatever we have, all human beings of the earth, nature (in whatever form it comes to us) and people around us. We all must remember our beauty must see beauty of others and not their so-called ugly side. 

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  1. agree with you here that we must look for the good features of others and not their bad ones, as every individual is a combination of both.....but its sad that most of the time we end up criticizing others and doesn't praise their good things whatever they have......