Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ten twitter tips

Everyone is joining twitter these days,,but only few know how to use it properly. People are flocking on to it just to have an account..and to prove to others that the race is on from their side as well. I have been on twitter since last year and have done best to avoid some usual mistakes. Here is a list of things one must keepin mind on twitter so as to make one's profile look sensible and serious.

1. Do not follow every known face randomly. Follow the one whom you really admire.

2. Tweet regularly. Tweet what you think and not what others think. Keep it original.

3. Select the theme which describes your personality the most. Selection of colours, theme say loads about you.

4. Retweet only those tweets which you find are worthy of sharing with your friends. 

5. Upload pictures.

6. Integrate your twitter account with other social networking sites like facebook or with your blog.

7. Do not tweet any celebrity just like that. Tweet if it is sensible or share any information which is new and exclusive.

8. Try to create and maintain lists. Difficult task but if done will generate loads of followers.

9. Keep your introduction brief and clear. It must say all about you in one sentence

10. Lastly, enjoy tweeting to the fullest.



  1. these are awesome tips...I will definitely try them..Thanks for sharing yr experience

  2. do let me know if these tips help u...