Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tweeing with world

Tweeet.....tweeet..... anyone there? Are you tweeting?

Twitter... the new word making noise these days and those contributing to the tunes are Barkha Dutt, Shashi Tharoor, Navin Chandra, Rajdeep Saredesai, Karan Johar, Sharukh Khan, Yuvraj Singh, Abhishek Bachhan and the list go on and on.....

The sole purpose for Twitter, the micro-blogging site was to make people interact with each other in limited 140 words. But lately it has become a self-promotion website, especially for the celebrities, who promote their movies, channels, themselves through tweets. Priyanka chopra and Uday chopra are promoting Pyaar Impossible, Karan Johar is promoting My Name is Khan, Jenelia is tweeting about her Vatika ads, Abhishek Bachan is spreading araam around, Farhan Akhtar is promoting Karthiik Calling and Zoya's new film, best of all - these people promote each other too!

Twitter has become a new tool of promotion, directly targeted to audience - no channel required, no money invested. Celebrities directly coming and asking their 'followers' to watch/appreciate their work, indeed give it a personal touch and encourages interaction.The best use of twitter has been made by Chetan Bhagat in ongoing 3I-credit fiasco. It started from a tweet which became a nation wide story in no time. And how can anyone forget Shashi Tharoor, whose tweets makes him the the most followed politician -marking of begining of  a new era in Indian Politics. Media follow his tweets more than a press release coming from external ministry, because a tweet is faster than a mass mail.

We are at a threshold of a new decade and past decade has taken us from greeting cards to sms's, film rolls to digital cameras to mobile cameras, walkman to mobile radios, hotmail to gmail, daily diaries to blogsphere, Kajol to Katrina, macho-man sunny deol to six-packs shahid kapoor, movie halls to multiplexes, all time econonic growth to worldwide recession, Swabhimaan to Big Boss, yahoo chats to orkut to facebook to twitter.

Life has changed and so our ways of living it. What used to be fresh and innovative yesterday is old and obsolete today. Exciting would be to discover the replacements of innovative and trendy of today.

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