Friday, November 27, 2009


Gone are those carefree days when there were no mobile phones, when there existed no cuthroat competetion, a pressure-free world, those days of vewing T.V serials with family and going for an ice-cream was an oppurtunity not to be missed. Gone are the days when we used to wait for Sundays for our favoutite T.V shows, when kids used to wait for evening games, when mom used to call for evening milk, when eating junk was a "party", when life was simple and hassle-free.

Suddenly evrything changed. Life became complex and difficult. Everyday is a new struggle to sustain. Looking back to those simple days is so refreshing. They say we are progressing towards a bright future but why do eveything seems in dark to me.

The days of Dekh Bhai Dekh, Zabaan Sambhalke, Malgudi Days, Tu Tu Main Main, Shreemaan Shreemati, Chandrakanta, Jungle Book, Ramayana, Chanakya, Hum Log, Reporter, Aaj Tak (Half an hour news show) have now been replaced by super glam and how-so-unreal reality shows (Dadagiri, Roadies, splitsvilla, Rakhi Ka Syamvar, Is jungle se mujhe bachao, Bigg Boss etc etc etc), super dramatic news channels where anchors look nothing less than jokers spreading all the superstitions in name of tradition and culture (Kaal kapaal mahakaal, vaardaat, special reports on re-births etc etc etc). How bright is this future? What are we serving to our kids?

Why are we accepting such shit dishing out by media channels, why do such shows have high TRP's (tragedy is that who says TRP is yardstick for success of any show/channel) ,why news channels don't have original news stories, why PR News is given  priority, why do i see what Aishwarya Rai is wearing on her wedding when there are much more important things going around the world, why shall i see where American President went for a walk with his wife when major parts of the country are under flood and famine, why do i listen to hindi movie songs on news channels when we have special music channels dedicated into this business, why do i see Carol Gracious's costume malfunction the whole day when there is so much happening on international-political front, what benefit i will reap in knowing about the BOLLYWOOD KHAN's rivalry and to my horror - WHY DO ELECTRONIC NEWS CHANNELS HAVE SPECIAL SHOWS DEDICATED TO TV PROGRAMMES?


List of questions is endeless. More than an answer (which would be sugar coated with marketing and financial angles) from media owners, i want them to behave in a responsible manner, to adhere some kind of self-regulation and become more credible news providers. If media wants the respect as fourth pillar of the democracy (a self proclaimed honour and is not mentioned anywhere in The constitution of India or in any lawbook) then media owers have to change their policies of news selection and presentation. Change is welcome but if it destroys the basic structure of a particular instution, then it should be amended on immediate basis by the think-tanks of the organisation.

God bless media..... and GOD BLESS THOSE AT RECEIVING END!!


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