Monday, April 6, 2009


Some say it is god’s creation
Some say it is man’s innovation

Some say it is attraction
But some say it is infatuation

For some it is a crush
Some say it is must
Some say it keeps you at first
But some say it throws you in dust

Some say it happens at first sight
Some say it happens after first fight
Some say it makes you shine bright
But some say it keeps you at height

For some it is a game
For some it is insane
For some it is a heart in jail
But for some it gives you bail

Sometimes you find it
Sometimes you win it
Sometime you lose it
But sometimes you urge for it

This four lettered word “LOVE”
Begins at “L” and ends at “E”
Takes the hatred and give the peace
Makes one like the life of ease!


Photo credit: Google images

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