Wednesday, April 8, 2009

He is there within!

Last night while sipping last cup of bournvita for the day, i was wondering if god really exists. Who is god? What is the supreme power? Why do we pray? Is god up there in skies or mountains or in deep oceans? Where is it? Is it he or she? how to recognise him? Questions like these were pondering my mind throughout while i was having my bournvita. With rain pouring outside,the magical smell of dust hypnotised my mind and i stepped out of my room .Out there was a beautiful scene, rain drops falling on trees were adding to the noise of lighting and cloud thundering. The beautiful view made me realize that god really exists. Then why it is so that nature is only there on our planet.

There are hundreds of other planets in the universe, then why is it so that unique combination of life supporing elements is only there on our planet. The biggest question that caught my mind is that who made us, the human beings, the animals of different kinds and the beautiful nature. There was an Adam & an Eve, the first form of human life on Earth, but from where they originated? What made them attracted to each other. I'm quit sure there were no scientists, scholars, philosophers at that point of time who can explain things with their logics.

How did the first creature originated. Definately there is some supreme power which controls us, which makes us believe that there is someone up there. We all have conscience also called as voice of inner soul which makes us differentiate between right and wrong, which abstain us from committing mistakes. The core reason which makes us pray to god is that he should be happy on us and bless us with all the happiness and luxuries of life.

Since our childhood, we hav been told by our grandpa's and grandma's that we should always do right things in life, should lead our lives with truth and honesty. If we will do things that our inner soul will allow, we will be succesful and will be satisfied and happy in our life. All these learnings are nothing but the inner voice.

Doing right things in life, working hard and honestly are the virtues of good people with beautiful soul. Those who follow the simple rule of truth and honesty and listen to their inner voice lead a happy life and we say that god has bestowed his blessings on him. While the others who forgets the learnings of childhood suffer from unsatisfied life, which makes them unhappy in life, and hence lose mental peace.

The crux of the matter is that one should listen to the voice of soul. God is within, we should listen to him. Many of us tend to ignore the voice of inner soul, which means that we are turning our ears deaf towards God. When he is right there with you then why to find him outside. He is inside all of us, all is required is to recognize him and respect him!! The only way to find him is by finding true being of ourselves , this is the only way we can communicate to him.

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