Monday, March 2, 2015

That last day!

I looked at you
You looked at me,
for the questions unasked,
and the answers unknown,
I wish we could say,
on that last day!

It made me cold
the look in your eyes,
which could be felt,
but could not be seen,
I wish we could make,
on that last day!

The scribbles on shirt
and the shiver of touch,
the smile on lips,
and the missing beats,
to continue it all,
I wish we could say,
on that last day!

There were people around
though silence within,
my day was alive,
but something died,
i wish i could collect,
what i left behind,
is that last day!

Through unspoken lines
there were thousand signs,
wish we could see,
and made them realize,
I wish i could stay,
on that last day!

Though the time has passed
and we can count the years,
i wish we could meet,
before the final goodbye,
I don't want to die,
before that last day!


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