Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I would find you!

I would find you
In any version of reality,
In any life, in any circumstance,
I would find you!

In any situation, in any life
This life or that life,
In hundred lifetimes,
I would find you! 

Through those sleepless nights
and restless days,
beneath moonless skies,
with teary eyes,
I would find you!

In warm summer breeze
or the cold wintry night,
In music of rains,
or in the autumn dry
I would find you!

Through the silent nights
and the gazing minds,
Through the midnight talks,
and in between the lines,
I would find you!

You are the weakest thread
and my strongest hope,
for the tears i hold, 
and the joys you serve,

To have it all
and all in all
in the hundredth world 
yet another time
to come again...
for yet another life..
to be yours and to make you mine...
I would find you!

I would find you,
Till time has time.....


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