Friday, April 8, 2011

Support Anna INDIA!

Few weeks back, the entire country was hip hopping on the tunes of World Cup 2011 and prayed for Team India to win the cup for us. Why we prayed for them...did any one of us got to touch the cup or got to kiss it in front of gateway of India? or did it increased the shaan of any one of our's drawing rooms? No...we all prayed for our country...for INDIA...coz we cannot see it losing..losing to anyone.

We were patriotic when MS Dhoni picked up the World Cup. We felt goosebumps all over our body when Dhoni hit that historic six. Nationalism ran into our bloods when we saw Yusuf Pathan carrying Sachin on his shoulders, parading all aroud Wankhede. We are still celebrating the emotions and feelings of being World Champions...coz we are proud Indians.

Now again our country needs us.After World Cup, Anna Hazare has given us the chance to stand for our rights and fight against corruption. To show the world that we cannot see our country losing, nor in the game of cricket nor to corruption. If the amount of people who were hooked to the sports channels on the night of 2nd April, come out and support the cause, there will be no option in front of the goverment but to pass the Janlokpal bill.

The campaign started by Chetan Bhagat to support the movement
It's the time to act, to stand up and do somethng for our country. To show that we are not cricket crazy patriotic country...but we are truely fanatic Indians. For our rights, we will leave no stone uuturn, to see India... a corruption free socitey.  

Guys...stand up for this man of steel and support him. In whatever way you can...come out in open, out of your cocoons and leave this chalta hai attitude. We have to do something to give our children a free nation. Support the movement in every bit.


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  1. absolutely, it is a good sight tat people especially huge population of youth has km out n supported such a epic movement...

    spread d word, spread d emotion..