Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Objective of PR in Government....part II (Government PR)

1)      Constant public relations efforts to maintain high level of confidence and trust of public on government.

2)      Keeping the public aware of its plans, policies, its future prospects, the quality of service and effective use of public funds and the extent of public support and co – operation needed.

3)      Reporting on progress, development and achievements quickly, correctly and timely on events, benefits, physical and financial progress.

4)      Undertaking education, information and entertainment activities particularly in rural and backward areas through electronic mass media like films, overhead projectors, mobile vans, street plays etc.

5)      To project major problems of the government and also telling about the methods in which the problems are solved.

6)      To narrow down the gap in outlook between urban and rural life and also in between one linguistic or ethnic group and others.

7)      To undertake publicity and information exchange so as to inculcate the feeling of oneness throughout the country.

8)      To maintain high level of confidence, trust in the government’s role towards social, economic, political and international issues.

9)      To shape public opinion and support opinion leaders. 

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